Why we use paper box for wiper blade

Why we use paper box for wiper blade

We could see there are many packing way for wiper blades in the market, such as plastic box, blister card, cardboard, paper box etc; We suggest paper box, because we have received many feedback from different customers, and over 90% customers prefer this option; Why the paper box package is highly appreciated in the market?

1.Protect rubber refill of wiper blade

The paper box package way can not only protect the environment, but also it is also helpful for the protect of the rubber refill. Because wiper blades use natural rubber, and the main component of natural rubber is protein, like the human body, it will produce undesirable changes after ultraviolet radiation.The unique carton packaging can protect the rubber strip from ultraviolet rays and ozone, and extend the service life of the wiper.

2.Easy to stock

Compared with plastic packaging, paper box package are more convenient to place in warehouses for stocking and installed on display racks;

3.environmental protection materials

Compared with traditional blister packaging wipers, although they are beautiful, they are not degradable material and affect the environment. The paper box packages are green packaging and they are biodegradable materials to protect the environment.

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