Why there is a problem for the wiper blade

Why there is a problem for the wiper blade

The windshield wiper blade is a very sensitive accessory. Its working area is directly displayed in our sight. Any problem will be displayed very clearly. Unlike other accessories or lubricants, even if there is a problem, the car owner cannot know it before checked.

However, the wiper system includes wipers, wiper linkage, wiper arms, bearings and motors, but any problem with other components will be attributed to the wiper. The logic is true-the wiper does not move, there will be no vibration, noise, shake, unclean wiping, so it will be habitually thought as a problem with the wiper blade. Very few people complain about wiper linkage, wiper arms, bearings and wiper motors, right?

Everyone knows that most of these problems are caused by external factors such as stains, waxiness, deformation of the wiper arm, loose bearings, or using the incorrect glass water, and bad usage habits.

The supply chain and implementation standards of wiper systems and windshields in each country or car factory are different, but the wipers in the after-sales market are all universal, and only a dozen sizes of wipers are suitable for Europe, America, Japan, Korea , and China. With the different curvatures of windshield from thousands of car models, the pressure of the wiper arm is unrealistic, and there will definitely occur the situations where some models are the same in size, but cannot be adapted.

This situation is the same for any brand of windshield wipers factory.Therefore, problems are normal, but how to deal with these problems correctly is the most critical.

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