Why my wiper blades appear chattering and shaking

Why my wiper blades appear chattering and shaking

The wiper blade, it is one of the parts that easily get damaged, is the easiest for people to find problems during their daily driving, especially the shaking, chattering etc issues; How to stop wiper blade chattering and shaking etc issues? When driving on a rainy day, the issued wiper blade will appear chatter noises and even shake. These problems will affect the driver's driving and cause traffic accidents.

The reasons of wiper blade appear chattering and shaking:

1.The rubber refill is made of inferior rubber cause the rubber refill is hard and appears chattering noise

2. The windshield is dirty, and the friction between the windshield and the rubber refill is too large

3.Coating on windshield or using coating agent on wiper blades

4.The wiper blade size is too long to hit the windshield frame

5.The wiper arm was deformed, which will change the force of the wiper blade

6.The wiper arm spring may also appear noise during movement if spring is too loose

7.The wiper arm bearing is worn, and the wiper's trajectory changes

8. The base of the wiper connector is deformed, and the wiper and the wiper arm are loosened

Methods to stop wiper blade chattering noise and shaking:

1.Replace with new wiper blade

2.Clean the windshield stains and coating layer agent thoroughly, it is recommended to use professional car glass cleaning powder

3.Replace the short size wiper blades if you find wiper blade size are too long

4.Go to the 4S shop to check and repair the wiper arm and bearing

Knowing the reasons of shaking and chattering noise, and master the methods to solve them, then it will add another aspect of driving safety to you!!!

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