When should we replace the new wiper blade

When should we replace the new wiper blade

I believe that many people are struggling, when should we replace the new wiper blade for our own cars?

1.From terms of the rubber properties of the wiper blade, it also needs to be replaced regularly, and it will age faster if it is exposed to wind, sun, rain etc. If the quality is good, it could be replaced in 2 years. The general quality should be replaced every year.

2.At present, automobile manufacturers have not made relevant guarantees for the service life of the original wiper blades. The new car manual shows 1-2 times/year, and the main engine factory's warranty time is generally 3 months. For safety reasons, please replace the wiper blades once or twice a year.

3.Whether the wiper blade can work normally has a direct impact on the safety of driving, and the wiper blade itself is a vulnerable part. The life safety of driving should be the first priority. It is recommended that you replace the wiper at least once every 6 months!

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