Beam wiper blade better or metal wiper blade better

Beam wiper blade better or metal wiper blade better

Summer has passed, and the hot sun has accelerated the aging of rubber, and damaged the rubber products on the vehicle! Compared to other components such as tires and rubber seals, the wiper blade are the most damaged.Wiper blade are not unfamiliar to car owners. The frequent use of them in rainy days makes them often appear in our vision. So how much do we know about such a familiar car part?

What is wiper blades?

The wiper blade is a tool for cleaning dirt,rain, snow on the front windshield of vehicle in order to prevent rain and other dirt from affecting the line of sight. The earliest of wiper blade came from an American named JR Oishei in 1917. One rainy night he drove in Buffalo, New York, accidentally he hurt a teenager riding a bicycle. In order to prevent such accidents from happening again, he invented a wiper with a groove-like rubber strip on a metal rod that was swung by hand.

Many car owners will have different opinions: one is that the beam wiper blade is good, and the other is that the metal wiper blade is good. What exactly is a beam wiper blade? What is a metal wiper blade?

The advantage of beam wiper blades

(1)Considering the design structure of the beam wiper blade, as for aerodynamics, the advantage of the beam wiper blade is indeed greater than the metal wipe blade. The beam wiper blade can almost solve the vibration of the wiper blade caused by the wind at high speed.

(2) Compared with the fitness to the windshield, the beam wiper blade also minimizes the degree of wear between the beam rubber and windshield.

(3) In addition, the simple design and light structure of the beam wiper let the life of the wiper motor of the car more than 2 times longer.

Of course, metal wiper blades has advantages as well; Advantages of metal wiper blade:

(1) Since the pressure of support point of the metal wiper blade is average, the degree of friction during the wiping process is also average, the friction noise between the wiper blade and the windshield is not easy to occur, and the wiping is clean .

(2) Stainless steel material, durable.

(3) The structure is simple, so the price is relatively cheap.

However, the main body of the iron frame has a relatively large weight, and long-term use will have a certain impact on the wiper motor.

What kind of wiper blade are better, what kind of wiper blades are more suitable for your vehicle? Over 17 years experience in providing beam wiper blades, beam wiper blade is more and more popular in the market,hope you can find an suitable wiper blade for your car;

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