How to remove wiper blade

How to remove wiper blade

a.Park your car in a safe area. Turn off your car when the wiper blades are in the middle of the wipe cycle.

b.Lift the wiper arm off of the windshieldPut the rag between the windshield and the wiper arm to prevent the wiper arm from rebounding and breaking the windshield.

c.To remove the old wiper blades from a J-hook arm, depress the button tab on the connection adapter clip and pull the wiper blade out of the open end of the “J” on the end of the wiper arm until free.

To remove the old wiper blades from a pin arm, use a small screwdriver to separate the wiper blade from the adapter clip.

Other types of wiper arm are similarly disassembled, not disassemble one by one. Any question welcome to contact me.


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