• When the wiper blades need to be replaced

    The wiper blade is a consumable part which installed on the car windshield, and its responsibility is to remove the rain, snow and dust etc on the windshield. The wiper blade is small, but the responsibility is heavy! It can not only provide us with a clear vision, but also provide protection for our lives! So how do we know that the wiper blade needs to be ...

  • How can car owner do a good job of preventing Covid 2019

    Do I need to wear a mask when driving? Can the air conditioner filter prevent viruses? It still wasn’t looking too good with Coronavirus , so virus prevention in the car is equally important!Here we carefully prepared a #AIDS guide# for all car owners. To assure our health, let's take action together! Q: Do I need to wear a mask ...

  • how to use car wiper blades correctly in snowy days

    Frequent rain and snow in winter will cause great damage to vehicles parked in the outdoor. Not only the glass will get freeze easily, but also the wipers are often frozen. Many car owners will have this confusion: how to use car wiper blades correctly in snowy days?The material of the wiper is mostly made of natural rubber, which can prevent ultraviolet ray...

  • Wiper blade differences

    There are many multi fit wiper blades at our facotry, how to distinguish from them? Similarities:1. Same zinc-alloy connector, see as below2. Same 15 clips, the same applicationDifference:1. Different spring steel sheet & rubber refill structure2. Different customized brand design on wipers and spoilerAre they clear for you? If you have questions, kindl...

  • How to Stop the Wiper Blades from Skipping

    Windshield wipers that skip or rub across the glass can be annoying -- and dangerous. There are various causes for skipping wipers. The wiper blade rubber may be dried out or corroded from salt or sun. They also could be bent in a way that prohibits correct movement across the windshield. Another cause could be your windshield if it has amassed a film from t...


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