Wiper blades need replacing sign

Wiper blades need replacing sign

Wiper blades play a significant role in keep our safe, especially during rain at night; The Rain is against our windshield, but our wiper blades can not keep up with, then windshield vision is blurred; We are too nervous to make wiper blades wipe the rains out quickly, unfortunately, the wiper blade did not work at that time, this is every driver’s nightmare; So how do we avoid this disaster? Replace our wiper blade in time is very important;

A quick google will tell our wiper blades should be replaced every 6–12 months. But if your wiper blade already can not work in 3 months or 6 months, why we wait until 6-12 months on the google said? When there are obvious signs that we need new wiper blades what our car is telling us, then we should go to replace new wiper blades to our car;

Here are some signs that our wiper blades should be replaced:

1.Squeaking or Chattering sounds

If we can hear our wiper blades are squeaking or chattering etc awful noise, then means it is time to check and replace our wiper blades; As squeaking or chattering can distract us from the road ahead, it will let our mood worse; To give us a good mood, that means issued wiper blades need to go;

2.Cracked or broken Rubber 

Take a close look at our windshield wipers when we wash our cars; Check the rubber all is smooth? If it is smooth, then we can keep use; If the rubber is cracked or broken etc, that means it is time to replace for new wiper blades; The issued rubber will give us disaster;

3.Streaking or filming

When our wiper blade cause streaks on windshield, it’s pretty obvious, especially if you’re caught in snow or rain. But if you notice a consistent film of grime on windshield, even after we have sprayed fluid to clean it off, that’s another sign our wiper blades are dirty and need to be replaced.

4.Broken components

If the wiper blade components, such as connector, wiper blade steel part or wiper blade cover is bent, it won’t come to contact with our windshield properly, time to replace them;

5.Bad windshield contact

If we found the wiper blades aren’t coming into contact with the corners or some spot in the middle anymore when we check our wiper blades, that means we need new ones as they aren’t doing their jobs anymore. After all, no one wants wiper blades on their car that aren't guaranteed to do the job.

Our wiper blades are essential for driving safely, money is important, but our safety should be guaranteed by us as well; If there is a sign to replace new wiper blades, please go to replace them asap;

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