Which wiper blades are the best

Which wiper blades are the best

There are many wiper blade models in supermarket, online shops, actual car products shops etc, and we will be told that there aero, boneless, flat, soft, frameless, metal frame, conventional, traditional, standard, natural rubber, silicone, Teflon, graphite etc, but which wiper blades are the best? How do we select the best wiper blades for our cars? Which wiper blades are best for our cars? 

There are three main types of wiper blade structures: traditional wiper blade, it was also well known as metal frame type, hybrid, and frameless wiper blade; To give you a clear vision on the glass and allow you to drive with assurance, meanwhile you can save money, you can find the answer from following steps:


Traditional frame wiper blades price is the cheapest, but metal frame that only has 4-8 pressure points on the rubber and consequently on the windshield surface, it is easy to appear noise between wiper blade and windshield, and metal wiper blades do not have an aerodynamic design and can not ensure driving stability at high speed; If you want to a silent choice and have good performance at high speed, meanwhile you can afford the luxury product at same time , we recommend you choose other types;


Hybrid wiper blades are mostly suitable for 2005-2016 Japanese cars, especially those Japanese cars’ windshield are in flat shape design, and hybrid wiper blade have good performance at high speed for those Japanese cars; However, the hybrid wiper blade does not quite follow up to modern design standards, the modern design cars have excessively large windshield curvature than old design, and the hybrid type wiper blades price is quite expensive as well; If your vehicles are Japanese cars with flat shape and price is accepted, then you could choose the hybrid type;


Frameless wiper blade are also asked at flat, soft, beam wiper blade etc; They have an aerodynamic design that ensures perfect wiping performance even at high speed or during bad weather. According to the modern design, frameless wiper blades has simple structure, and the lack of exposed metal parts also minimizes rust and corrosion and has light weight, so the service time is longer than traditional wiper blade. These make frameless wiper blades are more widely available; This design price is higher than traditional, less than hybrid; 

To above all, due to the limit of hybrid and traditional, this frameless is highly recommended;

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