The reason why the wiper blades does not fit the windshield and the solution

The reason why the wiper blades does not fit the windshield and the solution

The tip of the wiper blade is slightly misaligned, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:


1. The pressure of the wiper arm spring is too large. As a result, the position of the wiper interface is too much pressure, and the ends of the wiper blades will naturally appear slightly tilted. In this case, we could adjust spring to solve it;


2. The windshield of the model has a large curvature. The curvature of the glass is large, and the size of the wiper used is inevitably large. In recent years, in order to highlight the younger and streamlined shape, the windshield curvature is designed to be larger and larger, so long-sized wipers are used everywhere, without bones. The wiper blade is not as good as the iron frame wiper blade in terms of fit, so there may be a slight tilt on both ends. However, it generally does not affect the line of sight normally, and do not need adjustment;


3. Multi-function wiper blade needs to correspond to all kinds of windshield, instead of corresponding to a special model design, so when a very small number of models appear slightly warped, unattached glass (original wiper will also appear similar situation ), but this does not affect the line of sight, so generally do not need to adjust too, if you want to fit the windshield, you can reduce 1 size, such as the original 28'' inch, reduced to 27'' inch;



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