Should we select rubber wiper blade or silicone wiper blade

Should we select rubber wiper blade or silicone wiper blade

As well known, the frameless wiper blades are the best choice between the three types, but there are a number of low quality for frameless wiper blade made in the market. To ensure you are getting premium quality wiper blades, how you select from the market? Advanced natural rubber with Teflon coating? Or silicone wiper blade?

The service time of silicone wiper blades is longer than rubber wiper blades, but silicone wiper blade are avoided by big brands in the automotive world, as silicone wiper blades can not pass the quality certification, as the windshield remains foggy when wiping, and when the front car lights are illuminated at night, it will cause astigmatism and rainbow glare suddenly, which drivers’ safety are not assured; 

Natural rubber blade with Teflon coating now are available on almost every car, they are the most durable with good performance, minimal streaking, squeaking, chattering, smearing or vibrating. In contrast, silicone wiper blade will appear much noise during wiping; On other hand, sincerely natural wiper blade could work in all seasons as well;

One more thing, please do not buy wiper blades that doesn’t guarantee quality; Make sure the wiper blades you buy are coming with quality warranty and promise; as no one wants wiper blade on their cars that aren’t guaranteed; Our factory can provide quality warranty, all the issued wiper blade and defect could be replaced with the quality goods at our expenses and cost without any delay;

If you are looking for new wiper blades, please take above these words for option; To ensure you are getting maximum performance, durable and quality wiper blades, select rubber wiper blade with quality warranty and promise first; 

Yujin rubber wiper blade can achieve this warranty and promise, ready to get them?

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