How to find our vehicles wiper blade size

How to find our vehicles wiper blade size

Most of us know when need to replace wiper blade when wiper blade are broken, but most of us do not know our wiper blade sizes. How to find the right wiper blade size for our vehicles?

Wiper blade sizes are measured in millimetres or inches, which refers to the length of the blade. There are a range of wiper blades available, normally in sizes from 12" to 32" or 300mm through to 800mm. There were some ways to find our vehicles' wiper blades sizes:

1. Check the owner’s manual guide 

2. Go to any car service store and use their “wiper blade size  finder chart”

3. Look up our correct wiper size online, like TAOBAO, Ebay, Amazon etc online shops

4. Measure the wiper blades currently on our vehicles by ourself

On most vehicles, the two blades are different sizes, and it is crucial to install the correct size on both the driver's and passenger's side of the car. If the wiper blade sizes are wrong, it will occur noise on windshield, chattering on the windshield etc problems; 

Is it clear now? If not yet, you can write to Yujin wiper blade factory to get a wiper blade sizes guide chart like as follows; Thank you; 

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