• How to sell out the wiper blades

    1. Be proactiveThe wiper blade is only an important part that people will pay attention to when it rains. Under normal weather, the owner will not take the initiative to replace it; however, it is too late to find the problem when it is used, we must ask the customer about the situation of the wiper blade in advance.2. Find the problemsWhen the customer can&...

  • How to remove oil stains from windshield

    Oil stains are very common in our daily car use; Where do the oil stains come from? Mud, sand and dust, insects and other foreign objects, water droplets, and snowflakesThese are the several types of oil stains that are common in our daily life. Of course, oil stains are not only these types, but also the car exhaust is most often ignored by everyone; There ...

  • Do wiper blades need to be replaced once a year

    When the car is in use, especially in rainy or foggy days, the wipers can ensure that the driver has good vision. So how often is the best time to change the wiper blade?The specific replacement time of the wiper is not fixed, and there is no clear standard. However, wipers, as consumables, usually need to be replaced once a year. The frequency of replacemen...

  • Wiper blade maintenance tips

    When driving on rainy days, the driver's observation ability is reduced, the friction force of the tire is reduced, then traffic accidents are easy occur. In fact, in order to maintain good vision in the car, especially in rainy days, the car wiper blade is very important too, which is one of the necessary conditions for safe driving.Of course, at the sa...

  • Why famous brands choose Yujin wiper blade

    Yujin has been focusing on wiper blades for over 18 years since it was founded in 2004. It was, now, and will remain focus on wiper blade development in the future! Yujin has a professional R&D team, and the components for the wiper blades are basically processed and produced by ourselves. It has strong technical support and quality assurance, and it has pas...


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